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Nº of Beneficiaries: 300.000 people Portugal

Starting date: May.2011

Ending date: May.2015



Time to Seed is a project to raise information, awareness and lobby to promote small-scale family farming and sustainable agri-food systems as a key solution to tackling hunger, as well as addressing poverty and climate change issues.

For this, the campaign "Food we Want" was developed:


Funded by European Union, this project is taking place in 8 countries (Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Uk, Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania), with the objective of sharing ideas, promoting common solutions and stimulating a public debate on the future of food.


By 2014, Oikos and the other project partners will develop a set of actions that involve:


NETWORKING - Involvement of African NGOs in Tanzania, Kenya and Mozambique to collect and share information on Good Agriculture Practices.


COOPERATION – Information exchange, knowledge dissemination and promotion of coordinated advocacy activities aimed at connecting development actors, public authorities, research institutions, private sectors from Europe and developing countries that wish to start partnerships and to share knowledge in the field of sustainable agriculture.


PUBLIC AWARENESS – Digital campaigning and educational kit distribution at European secondary school level to involve youngsters in a new thinking on development issues, to raise their attention on the global dimension of food and agriculture and to motivate them in changing their attitude toward a conscious model of consumption.


RESEARCH - Scientific research and analysis aimed at the development of a database on good agriculture practices and at the publication of a handbook on the potential role of sustainable agriculture in effectively addressing food security and environmental concerns, with a focus in Sub-Saharan Africa.


MEDIA – Organization of workshops and of an European Media Contest addressed to media students in Europe.


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Find out some animated infographics:

» AGRICULTURE TODAY: The problems of world agriculture today. A vicious circle between monocultures, multinationals, finance


» SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE, TOMORROW: Opportunities for sustainable agriculture: biodiversity, food sovereignty, security. And the crucial role of small farmers.




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