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Data de início: Dez.2012


Data de fim: Mar.2015




Taking as its target audience the young people, and recognizing that the work of the Human Rights Education should focus on the learner, based on your needs, preferences, abilities and desires, the project focuses on the potential of dynamic and participatory methodologies to cement a culture in which gender equality and nonviolence arises as understood, respected and upheld values. Through a specific and innovative intervention, Oikos relies on the Arts - more specifically the Multimedia Art and Cinema – as the motivation engine for youth participation and a vehicle of change and social transformation.



Educational entities in the Northern region; Teachers, Lecturers and other citizens civically engaged in professional or educational functions; Youth educational communities of the north; General population.


Territory intervention:

Portugal – Northern region



(In)forming on the issue of Gender Equality; Empower to prevent situations that threaten Gender Equality; Mobilising for the development of public and civic nature initiatives committed to a more just and respectful Gender Equality society.


One of the most visible faces of this project is the "Change the Movie" contest, directed to young high school students in northern Portugal. It involves the creation of short films on the Gender Equality theme, where they are invited to discuss topics such as: dating violence, bullying gender, political participation, domestic violence, unequal payment, among others.


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