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Nº of Beneficiaries: 2.900 people

Starting date: May.2012

Ending date: Apr.2015


Training in business, cultural and gender management

Oikos, partnering with Memory Wax, a Swedish dance and theatre company, and Danza-Teatro Retazos, a cuban contemporary dance company, is developing a new project in Cuba which aims to contribute to the sociocultural transformation through art, giving visibility to the aspect of gender.


The initiatives in this project intend to contribute to the development of a platform for cultural exchange between Cuban and European artists from a participatory, interactive and dynamic perspective, aggregating values and creative expressions from both cultures that reflect the identity of contemporary dance and its contribution to sociocultural transformation.


Among the main activities is the training in business, cultural and gender management, which will be given to the members of the group Danza-Teatro Retazos, as well as the preparation and presentation of three new dance performances in Cuba and Sweden.


These actions will not only enable the creation of new business and cultural management capabilities that ensure functional transition and sustainability to the group Danza-Teatro Retazos, but will also improve its technological infrastructure. Still, the project will allow new artistic products and spaces for exchange to flourish, reinforcing its community action.


Direct beneficiaries: 43 members from Danza-Teatro Retazos, more than 100 artists graduated from the School of Art in Havana; the Division of Cultural Heritage of 'Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana'; the Ministry of Culture, and finally the children and teenagers who attend the local schools of the communities benefited. The ultimate beneficiaries will be about 200 Scandinavian artists and cultural agents and other 2,700 people, including Cuban contributors of culture and the population in general.


The project will last 36 months, will be implemented in Havana and is funded by the Cuban State and the European Commission. Also, it is supported by 'Oficina del Historiador de la Ciudad de La Habana'.


Check here the website of Danza-Teatro Retazos.



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