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Nº of Beneficiaries: 22.250 people

Starting date: Mar.2011

Ending date: Feb.2014


Milk is a staple food in the diet of a number of western cultures. In Cuba, the limited availability of milk and dairy produce has contributed to the rise in price of these products and, consequently, made it more difficult for Cubans to buy and consume them.


The aim of this Oikos project in Cuba is to strengthen the dairy value chain in two Cuban provinces and, by increasing production and supply, contribute to greater food safety in the benefiting communities.
The Cuban farmers’ limited capacity for production, milking, storage, conservation and collection of the milk has a negative effect on their family income. Additionally, the capacity for processing the milk locally is also limited due to the distance between the producers and the industrial processing centres and to the inadequate conservation and transportation of the milk, leading to increased losses and a reduction in its industrial usefulness.


Thus, the aim of the initiatives developed as part of this project is to address these hurdles and make it possible for producers to increase their revenue and provide a better standard of living for their families. It is hoped that strengthening the technical, productive and management capacity of the cooperative sector, specifically the Basic Units of Cooperative Production, will lead to an increase not only in production but also in the diversity of the foodstuffs produced.
To this end, initiatives focusing on improving the conservation and processing of the milk by means of greater efficiency in the collection and conservation network and in the infrastructure for carrying out processing locally, will mean that mini-industries manufacturing high quality cheeses can be created, resulting in yet another product that can be sold.


Benefiting directly from the initiative are 2,866 people from 36 Basic Units of Cooperative Production and dairy companies, with the positive effects benefitting some 22,250 people altogether. Co-financed by the European Commission, the project is being undertaken in partnership with the organisations: CARE France; Sociedad Meteorológica de Cuba (SOMETCUBA); and Asociación Cubana de Producción Animal (ACPA).

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