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Nº of Beneficiaries: 197.481 people

Starting date: Mar.2009

Ending date: Jan.2013


This is a project that seeks to strengthen the social players and organisational structures and improve the employability of vulnerable young people from San Salvador, promoting and improving their professional and social integration.


The young people in El Salvador are extremely vulnerable, especially in the Metropolitan Area of San Salvador. Coming from poor homes and living in problematic circumstances where resources are scarce, the immediate consequences are unemployment and delinquency. Working conditions are precarious and they often join the workforce earlier or later than would be desirable.


What Oikos and its partners are proposing is to improve young people's access to social services and boost the capacity and participation of the local development agents in the fight against social exclusion. The project will therefore promote the social inclusion and integration into the labour market of young people at risk from three municipalities in the metropolitan area of San Salvador - Soyapango, Ciudad Delgado and Apopa – using an integrated model encompassing economic, social and governmental players.


One of the major achievements of this project is the activation of the "Rota Jovem" Social Inclusion and Labour Market Integration Centres for young people between the ages of 16 and 22. The purpose of the centres is to provide the young people with guidance, counselling, support and training so that they can achieve greater levels of autonomy and improve their personal relations, benefiting the work or school circumstances in which they find themselves.


This project is benefiting some 200,000 young people in the metropolitan area of San Salvador. Co-financed by the European Commission and the IPAD (Portuguese Development Support Institute), it is being undertaken in partnership with local NGOs Fundación Diagrama – Intervención Psicosocial; and Funsalprodese.


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