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Nº of Beneficiaries: 6.000 people

Starting date: Dec.2008

Ending date: May 2012


The goal of this project is to increase small producers' income through the adoption of methods of production and entrepreneurship which respond to local and regional market demand for sesame and pigeon pea crops. Demand for both has been growing in northern Mozambique and on the international market, as has profitability.


The intention is to turn peasant associations into small-scale agricultural businesses so that they will be seen as suppliers with credibility to market the crops they produce. An effort is being made, through the creation of partnerships between the families growing the crops and the buyers, to establish a sustainable marketing process for sesame and pigeon peas in Mandimba, managed by the producers themselves in such a way as to get around the problem of multiple intermediaries between the producer and the end client; indeed, the intermediaries chain absorbs most of the potential profit generated by the crops.


It is hoped that when the project is complete the farmers will be producing considerable amounts of sesame and pigeon peas with positive economic returns, enabling them to improve their families' standard of living.


This project is benefiting some 6,000 people. Co-financed by the European Commission and the IPAD, it is being undertaken in partnership with the Cooperative League of the USA (CLUSA) and the União Distrital de Camponeses de Mandimba (Mandimba District Peasant Union).


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