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Project in Nicaragua



Nº of Beneficiaries: 28.435 people

Starting date: Jan.2009

Ending date: Dec.2011


The Atlantic coast is the geographical area with the highest concentration of indigenous settlements in Nicaragua, and is divided into two regions, north and south. Bluefields is the capital of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region. Fishing is a family-based activity using traditional methods. With 93% of the population being mixed race, land is still owned by the communities to this day.


In the city of Bluefields, one of the main activities being undertaken is the "Escola de Incidência em Políticas Públicas" (Public Policy Involvement School - EIPP) which conducts a number of training sessions in participative management. The municipality also has a Municipal Development Committee which is working in coordination with the local associations and the EIPP to draw up municipal and community development strategies.


The intention is to consolidate the processes of community organisation, reinforce the legitimacy, legality and institutionalism of the Community Organisations, and to strengthen the bonds between the Municipality and the Community.


This project is benefiting a total of 28,435 people.


Co-financed by the European Commission, it is being undertaken in partnership with Acción Médica Cristiana (consortium leader), the South Atlantic Autonomous Region's local system for health surveillance (Sistema Local de Atención Integral en Salud - SILAIS) and the Bluefields Municipal Council.


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