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Beneficiários: 198 pessoas

Data de início: Dez.2008

Data de fim: Jul.2009


The Zambezi valley, located in Morrumbala District (Zambezia Province), is one of the most vulnerable areas of the country, due to recurring floods, not only the result of heavy rains in the region, but also due to discharges from countries neighboring, what makes it even more difficult to have an effective community response to the floods.


Mozambique is situated in a region highly vulnerable to natural disasters that historically have destroyed the economic and social infrastructures, homes, food supplies and livelihoods (crops, fishing boats, etc..) of millions of families, putting them in a permanent state of vulnerability, especially in rural areas.


For this, the actions undertaken in this project seek to increase communitarian knowledge and awareness on disaster preparedness and management and mitigation of risk through the creation and training of youth groups in theater techniques and social mobilization; training of young and teachers regarding youth associations, social intervention and preparedness and disaster risk reduction; and the achievement of a district youth contest on preparedness and disaster risk reduction.


Thus, intending then to strengthen the role that Theater and young people play in education and communication, in partnership with local organizations, it was developed a show called "Teatralamidade - Youth at the scene of the disaster," in order to increase communitarian communication and youth participation in mitigating the effects of disasters, providing theatrical techniques to promote the circulation and sharing of knowledge about disasters at the community level.


For this, the proposal is the creation of these theater groups, order for them to have a close connection with the community radio stations and local schools, training them in technical theater forum, facilitation and social mobilization, including themes of prevention and management disaster risk. These sessions, in addition to spread and to cause a discussion of disasters, seek to be complementary in areas where there isn't radio emission, making the whole district to have access to this important information.


The interactive nature of the theater, the mobilizing power of radio and dynamism of young people in and out of school, have a significant role in the development of communities, providing information and messages with the use of languages of the Community, to prepare, reduce and mitigate the risks in relation to disasters.


So, it is intended with this project: 12 youth groups to be created and trained in theater techniques and social mobilization; 20 Young and teachers are trained in the field of youth associations, social intervention and preparedness and disaster risk reduction; 280 performances held in the beneficiary communities; realization of one district youth contest on preparedness and disaster risk reduction.


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