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Oikos’s work in Portugal essentially focuses on three major areas of Global Citizenship: “Education for Global Citizenship; partnerships to promote the “Common Good”; and “Public Influence”.


The main purpose of the projects undertaken by Oikos is to eradicate poverty and reduce economic and knowledge imbalances, since we believe that these are sufficient reason to stir every citizen into action. Oikos, therefore, considers that, within the scope of active citizenship, we should channel both individual and collective energies towards a transformation of society which will contribute to the elimination of poverty, and social exclusion and inequality.


The promotion of projects and educational programmes for Global Citizenship, through information, awareness, training and social mobilisation geared towards building a society that is aware of its responsibilities, has always been one of the organisation’s priorities.
Since 1989, Oikos has undertaken a variety of projects aimed at pre-school, basic, secondary and university education.
Another fundamental focus is support in the training of multipliers, such as Nedoikos – Oikos Education for Development Nuclei.


In Portugal, the work done by Oikos on this front has had a major impact in a number of ways, including the introduction of topics connected to Education for Global Citizenship in the official curricula in a variety of areas, with an emphasis on geography and the economy; the introduction of the debate on interculturalism to Portugal; the enhancement of education for values (education for solidarity, citizenship, etc.) and the development and dissemination of active methodologies.


Since 2000, the primary focus of our work has been to use lines of actions based on a greater variety of methodologies and strategies as appropriate for the different target publics: social players, educational communities, media, public opinion and political decision makers. Oikos has always sought to give a voice to the more vulnerable sectors of the world’s population, bringing their aspirations to the attention of public decision makers. We have therefore embraced influencing public policy as a permanent responsibility.


Source: Human Development Report - UNDPThe World FactbookHuman Development Report - UNDP


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We work with communities in poorer countries and regions, promoting public health, food, water, sanitation and education.

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